Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Comic 8: Cold Reality

Sorry it's a bit late in the day. Been a bit busy today.

No colour either. I won't lie about that, I'm just lazy.

Also, I'd like to thank wow.com for showcasing my last comic on their weekly round up. This one probably won't make it because it's not WoW related (although I have a plan for a great one next week).


  1. LMFAO.

    Although I'm not sure what the last panel represents, the whole irony of it made me laugh so hard.

    I mean, Mario goes around stomping there brains out, its no suprise one comes along and breaks his neck, lmao.

    I love dark humour.

    Nice attention to detail, the size increase mushroom is the ambulance driver!

  2. Well, the Goomba's in prison for murder.

    Obviously :P