Monday, 28 September 2009

Player Versus Comic 6: Out to Lunch

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I actually coloured it in this week! Although I drew it all in one day and might have rushed it just a tad.

I still think that I can do better in photoshop colour wise. I picked up some books (Bold Visions and Fantasy Workshop) on digital painting so I could get a little better at it. The books look amazing, with some spell binding art on the inside, although from what I've read so far, I still don't know how to make my brushes in Photoshop 'paint'. Lowering opacity seems to work, but there ought to be a better way.

Anyway, on to the comic.

For those of you not familiar with the game, Aion lets you get your character to set up a private store so you can sell your wares. Whilst your character is like this, you can't afk out of the game, so to avoid the considerable launch week queues, players just set up 'afk stores'.

Of course with everyone doing this, server queues start to get ridiculously long (on several nights at 9 hours long).

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Comic 5: Batman + VideoGames = ???

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This week's comic is inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Allow me to apologise for the lack of colour. I was kind of...busy.

The game itself does feel like this sometimes. It is illogical that Batman would have started this adventure equipped only with Batarangs (even if it's an infinite supply of said batarangs). I mean, what is that utility belt for any way?.

I didn't really enjoy the game itself that much. It's servicable, and treats the ip with respect, but I kept feeling like I'd played it all before. And better.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Player Versus Comic 4: Coffee Complex

I downloaded and finished Shadow Complex over the weekend from the XBLA network, and had a ball.

I really enjoyed the element of exploration and the excitement of each new secret item found. I also really liked the combat in this game, where the game itself is played on an x,y axis but sometimes enemies come out of the z axis and you have to aim INTO the screen to kill them. It was pretty interesting, and a lot of fun to do.

That said, the navigation of this secret complex is pretty unbelievable...

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Player Versus Comic 3: I Hate PvP

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I recently started PvPing on my warlock (as I just cant be bothered to raid on two characters).

I have also discovered, that for some reason WSG is the laggiest BattleGround.